Forum Thread: How to Bypass IPS/IDS

Hi guys I'm trying to hack my other computer and I was able to do that and bypass pretty match all AVs but when I came to Norton, my connection get caught by the IPS (Intrusion Prevention System) so does any one here know how I can evade it and keep in mind that I use a power shell payload created by veil evasion and I use the reverse https.


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I think OTW posted a guide on that earlier...forgot the name of it..

all I can think of is using killav.rb
I haven't really read up on how it should work..

If I compromised the system I wouldn't have asked this question because the connection get caught before I get the meterpreter session.

Getting past an IDS is tricky. Obviously, the surest way is to re-encode the payload to change its signature. Also, you can get past some IDS's by fragmenting the payload.

Thank you OTW for you answer. Can you tell me how can I re-encode the payload? or give me some tutorial on how I can do that, and what do you mean by fragmenting the payload.

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