Forum Thread: Can Someone Help Me Decrypt This NTLM Hash?

Unfortunately my word list is not big enough.
Here is the hash: 0BBDE92B8E9B6E4A657761F0BC166DD2

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Sorry, I am unable to crack something like that yet either. I'm still compiling a wordlist myself. I figure if I might have to wait several days, the wordlist that I use should cover nearly all of the bases, so I don't check the progress after 2-4 days and see that nothing was accomplished.

I'm using the "rockyou.txt" as a starting point and then adding wordlists to the pile as I find good ones. I was thinking to maybe get a bunch of lists together that'll cover wpa/wpa2 authentication passwords that're 8-32 characters in length (low letters,CAPITAL LETTERS, the numbers 0-9 and some symbols). After I get the wordlists together, I'll clean it of duplicates and sort it according to known statistical rules, etc. Then, I'll divide up the one large file into smaller ones that're around 5MB in size.

I posted to your thread because I was curious, is that hash a wpa/wpa2 hash? If so, is there a way that we can know (by the length of the hash) what the length of the password must be (or at least in a near ballpark)? I remember reading somewhere that most are 128 bit, but I can't recall what that number pertained to exactly.

Also, did you get that hash from one of the four packets in an EAPOL handshake? If so, did it come from the 3rd packet? What was the field name of that value (was it the (wireshark's middle pane) "> 802.1x Authentication > WPA Key Data:" field value?) ?

Sorry I only had questions and not an answer to trade for them. I do recall seeing an online site that supposedly could crack wpa/wpa2 encrypted keys, but that was a few weeks before I got into learning about this stuff and I haven't even been able to track down a decent site that's similar to it yet.

I've got about 2 dozen valid captures, but no way to crack any of them, so I'm compiling the wordlist and then I'm gonna try either aircrack-ng or hashcat.

I almost forgot to ask you... What's the total size of the wordlist that you tried, and what type of passwords will it cover (ie- an example answer might be something like, "It's 20GB total, divided into 5MB smaller files. I made some of it in Crunch and dll'd others to get the final list. It's geared toward authentication passwords that're 8-64 characters in length, and they can possibly be made of the letters/numbers/symbols: a-z, A-Z, 0-9, about %50 of the symbols on a QWERTY keyboard _/\";$#%&*().

Thanks for the reply, I got this hash from a SAM file. The password length is between 6-8 characters, and I think it only contains letters, capital letters and numbers.

Oh, I didn't remember SAM files, until you mentioned it. That's where Linux stores passwords, isn't it? I've read alot of stuff about a lot of different things but don't retain most of it unless it's something that actually pertains to my situation at the time.

Windows stores the passwords in SAM files and it is encrypted with LM or NT algorithms, mostly NT in newer windows versions.


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