Forum Thread: Can You Test a Python Program for Me? (UPDATED)

I made a forum post about a week ago asking people to test a Python program that I made. I am just starting out in Python and I decided it would be cool to make a multi-tool that combined all the things that I learned. The reason I am re-posting is because I have added more features to it and I am using GitHub instead of Google Drive (mind you I don't really understand how GitHub works). There is a version for Windows running Python 2, a version for Linux running Python 2 and an executable file. If you could just test and tell me what I could add or improve on for the code and the actual program.

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Thanks, Ben

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Sure Brother why not But what kink of program is it?and LOL how can I Install it please edit installation guide in

It's just supposed to be a multi-tool for hackers and I don't what you mean but install it but all you have to do is run the program in Python 2. Thanks for responding on the thread. :)

Glad too hear ya still workin on Swiss Hack, XD hope it becomes a main stream tool someday, I'll start diggin into the code.

Haha thanks. :)

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