Forum Thread: How do i convert my EXE or JAR files to .pdf .doc .rar ETC..... to silent mode in kali Linux withou affecting the file.

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That's not how it works. An exe is an executable. Rar pdf and doc are file types that can be opened in specific programs. The only way a pdf file or doc file can infect a computer is if it exploits a vulnerability in the software that opens the file, or it has a macro and the user allows it to install. What you can do is make the exe file look like another file. You can edit an exe files resources with Resource Tuner. There you can change the icon to look like another file type. Then name your file filename.filetype.exe example: test.pdf.exe Default windows will show the file as test.pdf

Thank you so much Traveler for the explanation.

I have been trying to bypass the marco and AV.. i want a different method that will be silent no need of enabling marco, something that will bypass the powershell in and operating system, maybe a design software by python or c++.

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