Forum Thread: Exe File That Adds Himself to Startup (PowerShell Injection)

Well, I'm new to hacking.

I created, with SET and Kali, a powershell injection batch file and now I need help to convert the bat file to an exe.

I want to make that exe file copying himself to a hidden folder somewhere in the computer and add that copy to the Windows Startup folder. (I know this is possible using python. I just need some help).

Thank you btw

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Try using "Advanced BAT to EXE Converter" this program will convert your BAT file into an EXE and will give you the option to change the icon and other stuff.

Using batch programming you can move the file to System32 and add a key to the registry in the following location HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run and this will make the payload run on the startup.

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