I Am New to This Website and I Have Spent Sometime Looking Over Past Threads to See if Some Would Help Me with My Problem. But My Biggest Obstacle Is That I Am Just a Layperson with Very Little Knowledge of Computer Lingo. So I Am Hoping That Someone Could Help Me Here and Go Through the Steps with Me in Plain Non-Technical Language.

I tried installing kali linux on my windows 7 ultimate O.S, because i learnt that's the O.S hackers work with on here. After i downloaded kali linux 64bit torrent from following the installation guide from this site (Same way as installing backtrack 5 which is now outdated), After downloading the Kali Linux 64 bit Torrent which was about 2.84gig I was able to burn it into a flash drive in which i booted(''not sure if i actually did booted it but i did run the setup.exe is that what booted means'') from for the installation because i had no DVD-CD to make use of instead. After i ruined the setup.exe from the flash drive where i burn the kali linux into using rufus, It got to a point where i was ask to reboot my computer. After rebooting my computer, i saw another O.S which was named kali linux so so so I can't really remember, I clicked on it and kali linux showed up and i was asked to continue with the installation, I choose my country and click cotniue it was detecting if there was a DVD-CD in my CD ROM but finally it detected the flash drive in which i burned the actual download file into so the installation continued and then I got to a point where i was asked disk partitioning i guess i was so dumb here because i choose use entire disk. I was a bit overwelhmed thinking the kali has been installed on my laptop then i was taken to a time zone page i choose Estern and then i got to a mirror page i choose yes then it asked me to choose a mirror i choose several mirrors but it keeps saying the same thing like internet problem or this kali is not support, I turn off my laptop by pressing the off/on botton and after turning my laptop back on, everything became blank i didn't see my windows 7 O.S nor the kali linux O.S now my laptop is just useless because i can not do anything with in, i al using a friend laptop to write this. Please I am seeking help from everybody who knows what i can do to recover my windows 7 O.S and the files in it and also how i can successful install kali linux on my laptop without my windows 7 getting affected again.

Thanks in advance


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Get your Win7 recovery disc. That's all you can do right now.

For future reference, you have to partition your drive, but considering you have limited computer knowledge as you just stated. Perhaps you should learn computer fundamentals before you delve into hacking. It's kind of necessary to be successful.

Also, follow Ciuffy's guide next time.

EDIT: Don't use all caps in your title. It doesn't give your thread any more urgency.


Like ghost ghost_ said you will probably need your recovery disc , or you may have a recovery partition on your laptop usually accessible by hitting one of the function keys when you boot your computer. You should see an option when the computer boots if it is there.

If/when you get your system back up and running again as ghost_ said you really should focus on the fundamentals, maybe tackle an A+ course to get a better foundation for how hardware/software works.

Then once you master that consider using a Virtual environment like Oracles VirtualBox (free) to install kali in, or any OS for that matter. There are tons of videos on youtube on how to install VirtualBox as well as install Kali in it.

good luck..

I would actually probably recommend going for the CompTIA Fundamentals rather than A+ for this person.


CompTia has added many courses since I last looked at them. All my certs with them don't expire (grandfathered)

But yes the fundamentals course looks to be a better choice.

Lucky, I've yet to get any of my certifications done.


Thanks so much ghost and king kong for the peice of advise on learning computer fundamental, I formated my hard disk and reinstalled windows 7 O.S I lost all my files and document but i am glad i got my laptop back working. I partition my hard disk into 2, one of which i have my windows 7 O.S running on now . Please where can i get the CompTIA fundamentals ? So i can begin from there now before i fully go into hacking. Lastly, I would still like a comprehensive tutorial on how to install Kali Linux O.S in the future.

Good Luck new friends and once again thanks so much.

You can buy some books on CompTIA Fundamentals here.

I would suggest you stay away from installing until you have a good grasp of computers, however, the decision is ultimately yours.

EDIT: I just wanted to note that a sound grasp of computing including systems, networking, software, programming, are paramount to being successful in hacking. While OTW gives us amazing tutorials here, I would strongly recommend studying the other aspects of computing in order to fully understand the underlying concepts.

It's like trying to bake a cake without half of the instructions. You might get there with guess work, but ultimately, you'll make a much better cake with all the information available.


You could get by watching a tutorial, but you should study about the steps you have to take as well or you'll be in the same position as before which is following steps you are not fimiliar with as to what they do. Just to be safe i'd backup your system onto an external drive before messing with any of it and in general as well. Nuking a system because of a failed instalation is not fun.


the process for install kali is not so critical. it is very easy process and only needs proper guidence and some small time. a small mistake can harm your laptop. you can follow this video. video made in may 2015 so there are less chances of error and tested on windows platform. please go to

I just used a flash drive with USB persistence so that it saves all the data to the flash drive, but it's probably too late for that now, but good luck!

when i install kali linux in windows 8 it shows it does not work in windows 6.2.900 yet why

My win 10 loader is not working dev/sda2

The easiest way is to go to your bios and restore default setting.

I made a same mistake. If i dont recover my win7 and files i will never again use or try to use any linux program or any os ever again!

I am destroyed ...........:(

This is why you always make a back up before making major system changes.


I have screwed with this many times. I don't know where you are in the process right now after all these comments but I can help you. Downloading the torrent etc etc etc isn't the way to go, in my opinion. There's a much more simple way that, with a few clicks, can get your Kali up and running right away. Let me know. The problem you're having now sounds like you haven't changed your settings back so you can access Windows like normal. With regards to the other stuff it sounds as though you might have downloaded a 32 bit VM and a 64bit Kali machine. If you download a 32bit VM you have to make sure you use a 32bit Kali iso. Same goes for 64bit VM and 64bit iso. They have to match.

Shut down your computer and when it restarts hit F12 or whatever yours is to prompt you into your netbios settings. You need to change the place where you're booting from. You should have changed this when you went to install Kali initially. You must change it back. You also need to change your settings back to legacy in order for windows to work. Again, I don't know where you are in the process, if you let me know I can help you through.

Lastly and most importantly all is not lost. You have not ruined your computer. Worst case scenario everything you had on your computer before is gone. Which sucks, I know, it's happened to me. You can easily find a full version os Windows 10 to install and activate on your computer or you can choose to simply install Kali as your main OS. Let's not get in front of ourselves though. So long as you didn't screw with the partitions, it is likely your data is ok.

I'm having some issues setting up kali linux on my laptop, any chance you might be willing to help a girl out?

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