Forum Thread: Do I Need Static IP Using Kali Metasploit ?

I was testing out sending a exploit to another computer last night and it asked for the LHost so that once the exploit was activated it knew where to send the information back to. Won't mind change unless I have a static IP? Or not necessarily ? Also do I need to leave the metasploit window open and wait till the person I'm hacking activated the exploit or can I leave it off and check back in a few days ?

Thank you

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In order to be able to come back to a victim, you need to install some sort of persistence measure. If changing IP is really a concern, you could use a listener instead of the meterpreter persistence service.


Is there any guides on persistence? That will allow me to come back days later ? I've really only looked at guides using metasploit is there another one I should use instead ?

Thank you

You might see this for help in persistence.


Thank you.

By the way, if I save the exploit as say cat.jpg to get the user to be more likely to open it, does Anti virus, etc catch it since its a jpg? I will look more into it but figured id ask. So many new things to learn!

There is a lot that goes into evading avti virus, you can see this for an overall explanation and some ways to do it.


Thank you very much. For evading having it traced can't I just use a proxy? Like on Mac I would use a chrome proxy extension to make it seem like I'm in Italy say, for Linux is it similar ? I know not a chrome extension but basic idea ?

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