Forum Thread: Need Help with Port-Forwarding !Win Host and Vbox Kali Vm.

I am using a Windows host running vbox and Kali VM in it. My host machine and Kali VM IP is configured static. Network bridged adapter.

When I generate a payload on Metasploit with my public IP port 80 and it does not connect back to my machine. I disabled my firewall to check it. My device is this


I used to connect to the internet through this WiFi device GSM internet sim in it. I also configured my router for port forwarding.

Added virtual server rule > service name: xyz ,wan port: 80, lan port:80 localip: my kali vm ip ,tcp/udp:on ,service :enabled

So this is my rule

And there is an option of DMZ in my internet device : dmz:enabled with my kali vm ip .

And the third option was this


rule i added (trigger port:80 and open port:80

I filled out all these three options virtual server, DMZ, and last one trigger port. But it didn't work.

I tried to check my port on Also I generated a payload with my public IP and sent it to my friend living in Italy. He ran in his Android phone. I got no session. Locally everything is working fine.

I tried to connect my another phone with my WLAN device and I got a session on Metasploit.

Can anybody help me to sort out this issue? Any alternate if ISP blocked or filtered my ports? Or did I configure it incorrectly?

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