Forum Thread: Problems with Internet Connection in Kali Linux After Changing to Static Ip Address

Hello, guys!
Hope you all are doing good!
I have a problem ! I tried many solutions but I'm stuck now!
I changed to static IP address after I did that my internet connection is not working anymore on both eth0 and wlan0.

interfaces file keeps on changing so as resolved.conf where I mentioned that in another post :

I tried these commands:
service networking restart
/etc/init.d/networking restart
/etc/init.d/network-manager restart
tried rebooting many times still no results
wifi is connected to my network same scenario in ethernet, it's pretty weird
I'm using kali 2016.2 on live persistence USB

  • Note: my internet was working just fine before with no problems!

not anymore
I'm stuck right now.
Please help
Cheers !

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2 Responses

Why is everyone ignoring?
This site was and still my best site :(
at least some help?

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