Forum Thread: Problems with Internet Connection in Kali Linux After Changing to Static Ip Address

Hello, guys!
Hope you all are doing good!
I have a problem ! I tried many solutions but I'm stuck now!
I changed to static IP address after I did that my internet connection is not working anymore on both eth0 and wlan0.

interfaces file keeps on changing so as resolved.conf where I mentioned that in another post :

I tried these commands:
service networking restart
/etc/init.d/networking restart
/etc/init.d/network-manager restart
tried rebooting many times still no results
wifi is connected to my network same scenario in ethernet, it's pretty weird
I'm using kali 2016.2 on live persistence USB

  • Note: my internet was working just fine before with no problems!

not anymore
I'm stuck right now.
Please help
Cheers !

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Why is everyone ignoring?
This site was and still my best site :(
at least some help?

Not sure if you found a solution to the problem by now,but I hope this helps someone:
I found this video which resolved this same problem for me:

To put it concisely, navigate to /etc/NetworkManager and edit NetworkManager.conf
underneath ifupdown change managed=false to managed=true.

for me, that's all I needed, and after a reboot, I had connectivity from my pi running kali with my static IP address.

example of edited files prior to changing NetworkManger.conf:
in /etc/network/interfaces file:
#I added these 4 lines:
auto wlan0
iface wlan0 inet static
address (not my real IP, btw)

in etc/resolv.conf file:
#generated by NetworkManager
search lan

Note: I wanted nameserver, but after changing to managed=true, this seems to always overwrite my saved nameserver and utilize my default network's nameserver instead. I'm sure there's a way to force this, but at least this will get you to the internet.

I had the same issue. i'm using single boot Kali Linux (so not on VM).

I had troubles connecting to the internet despite being connected to my WiFi. Running ifconfig gave 3 interfaces in the output: eth0, lo, wlan0. Technically, it should not have eth0 since I did not plug an ethernet cable into my laptop.

I ran the command ifconfig eth0 down. Now, running ifconfig only gives 2 interfaces lo and wlan0 (Note: wlan0 is the interface my laptop uses to connect to the internet). After this, I am able to access the internet.

Disclaimer: this worked for me but I'm not sure of the side effects of running ifconfig eth0 down, so use at your own risk.

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