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Question 1

I have a dynamic ip... how do I set a static ip?? I saw tut for windows for setting static ip by changing the setting of ipv4... but how do I do that on kali??

Question 2

I saw about virtual ip in kali... so I set wlan0 as dynamic and set a wlan0:1 as a static ip.. then I tried meterpreter but cudnt get a session on wan...

So how can I do that??

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Hey there Tanmay.

Question 1

You have in the "network options" some fields were you can change that (IP address, Network mask...) Its just like windows.

Question 2
I have no idea. Doesn't that (meterpreter) some service runnig?

If the service is up and running maybe you have a routing problem, you might need to create a (routing ) rule between wlan0 and wlan0:1 to deliver traffic to the WAN

A global static IP, or a local one? For the local, you can set a rule in your router's configuration that tells it to reserve a specific local IP if -your MAC addresss- connects. If that's not the case, use DHCP instead. Even if your computer has DHCP discovery enabled, it will always get the same IP.

Global static ip... I need to change from global dynamic to global static ip

You'll have to buy one from your ISP.

Oh... thats bad..
So how can I reuse a meterpreter session??

"Reuse"? What do yo mean by reuse?

I think he means this

Im from india... and im not sure that they even provide one or not...

Ok so I accesed my routers config.. ( there under internet tab under pppoa/pppoe the ip is set to dynamic... there is an option ro set it to static...

Will that work??
If yes.. then what do I put in default gateway and subnet mask..

Thank u!!

Try to read something about the difference between local IP vs. global IP
Or internal IP vs. external IP

I don't know any other names.

I know about it...
What im asking is in the modems config... I can change to static ip... now is that one global or local??

That would be your private IP address. Only your ISP can change your IP address.

If you think about it the internet would be a mess if everyone could change their Public IP address freely from their routers settings menu. Too many people would get the same public IP address and cause trouble for DNS and sending/receiving packets to the wrong system. (I wrote this section to hopefully help you to think about what the consequences of something would be and to help you to than answer your question yourself)

Thank u I get it now!!

Hey....I came across a website this weekend when I was screwing around with my LHOST. It explains how to set up a static ip

You can also get yourself setup and online with's free dynamic DNS service, so you can run your servers at your home or business without a static IP address. Check out

That is the local ip...

And yea I go with dyndns now

Local ip? FML I hate this IP shit
Whats dyndns do? I'm still having trouble with this crap

Its easy... think of it this way... your modem assigns all its devices local ips.. and the isp assigns all its modems public ips!!

Dynamic dns is used if you have a dynamic ip... like it creates a dns for you say all your dynamic ips are assignes to this address... so as soon as your ip changes... this dns records your ip!! So anything that goes through that dns.. it comes to your pc... so you get a static thing...

Oh ok..I get it. Thanks!!

That tutorial on static IP shows you how to set a static IP, but that IP must come from your ISP or it won't be routed over the Internet.

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