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Hi guys i tried every single one of Veil evasion payloads and shellter and each of them got caught by my anti-virus software so i have been wondering that is there any other technique in order to evade antivirus besides Powershell. Thanks

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What version of Shellter? Make sure it's the newest version, 6.8. Next, what exe are you trying to infect? If it's one commonly used or well known by AV, it's probably going to be detected.

I am trying to infect what tutorial says but its probably commonly used, have you got any advice to what to infect ?

What tutorial? If you want help, it best to be specific.

If you are using an exe from a tutorial, it's probably why it's not working. Find another exe.

thanks for help ,i just used some exe from steam folder it worked

Veil is pretty much ruined at the moment. You could make a payload with msfvenom and then change some of the code of the executable yourself. I used a File Splitter and changed some Hex values of the splitted files using a Hex Editor. It worked on my payload at least.

well, Veil works perfect to my avast tho (0_0)

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