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Hello Guys

Im relatively new here in Null Byte, I follow this section maybe for an year, but not an everyday check.

Everyone who visits for first time understands some facts about Null Byte:

  1. The section is very well organized
  2. Lots of information, and probably biggest section in WHT
  3. And at last and the most important of all that I want to give emphasis : some people here really try to TEACH, spend lots of time sharing knowlegde, asking nothing in return

This is not a project, this is just an idea than can born, and probably many of you already thought in this.

Making Null Byte a specie of School.

And now you ask, but Sodacni Null Byte its already a school, a free one.

To which I answer:

You are right, but theres some things that I would change, in the best case cenario Null Byte would work like a really school, like Xavier Institute for Higher Learning (X-MEN school for mutants) where OTW would be Xavier of course, every null byter would have a level of knowlegde, and passing tests would increase your level.

But that would be a dream.

I would not propose this if I didnt see this great effort from some people here to teach others.

Im not proposing having a Hackers group to teach and make OP's.

I see one "problem" here in Null Byte, lets be honest, people are lazy, hackers are lazy mainly, they always want to take shortcuts right?, so what we see here sometimes is people with no skills that just want to troll friends, so those rookies(including me maybe) we see them often asking questions for that propose, asking for shortcuts, we have lot of information, many sections, Hacking like a Pro, Evading AV, more recently Hacks from MR ROBOT, but there is not a sequence of diferent levels and difficulty in the hacks, and as I said people are lazy, they want to be guided.

Well to conclude, I have a dream that the world would be perfect, and i have a dream that people would come here to learn and be guided, and not come here take advantage of Our Creators generosity and take off to be script kiddies.


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5 Responses

Good Idea!

We are already moving in that direction. We have just begun awarding Fellows, Technical Excellence Awards, Recommendations, and soon, certifications. Take a look at this article.

I appreciate a lot your suggestions.

The thing about the tests: OTW has already introduced something like it, in case you missed it. Sure informations would be trusted more, but that would sound too exclusive to let only some higher grade users to teach (if I don't misunderstand), IMHO.

Hackers' "lazyness" and new comers unproperly asking are two different things. Hackers' one is a mathematical one, you should see it more from the clearly thinking side.

We explicitly say that this is a "security awareness playground", we tend to leader unwilling new comers to realize how complex it is, instead of just feeding them the answer.

However, your shout out as a third party saying that people should come here to be guided and not to just take advantage of out works is significant. We'll be working on it.

True! OTW has started awarding members and I don't like trollers :)

I totally agree to this. Thumbs Up

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