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Greetings All!
I have 2 questions.

1) If you were hacking from home how would be hack anonymous while using payloads from Metasploit or SET as their require your external IP to connect back to you?

2) If you were hacking from mall, say you cracked their wifi, how would you port forward the connections back to your pc as the router admin password may be different thus you can not change the settings..

I hope my questions don't sound to black hat lol, just been curious about this. Oh aslo know how to use proxychains for things like Nmap but not for Metasploit.

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1.) bind-tcp instead of reverse-tcp payloads. and use proxychains to connect to the bind handlers.

2.) find the default gateway, which is usually the router. when you do a nmap scan on the default gateway, you can sometimes see the manufacturer and model. if not, simply surf to the ip of the default gateway and it will show up most likely too. then google to find the default password for that router. if that doesn't work, it becomes a cracking problem.


Most of the times the default password works...

And is there a tutorial on bind-tcp??

yes. bind-tcp is just an alternative for reverse-tcp.

with reverse tcp, you become the server. the pro of reverse-tcp is that it bypasses firewalls easily. the con, however, is that you can't anonymize yourself.

with bind tcp, the target becomes the server. the pro is that you can use proxys, the con is that most firewalls will block it instantly.

what i would do is first use a reversed payload, and don't make a noise on the target computer. then silently try to open 1 high number port (like 7580). then, install a bind payload and make it listen on the port you just opened. then you leave your reversed payload, connect to the bind payload using TOR or proxychains, and clear any evidence of the reversed payload.


Could use a reverse tcp and send it to a hacked server and just connect to the server through Tor or Proxychains

Thanks for the rsponses, I'll try out your suggestions when I get home tonight :)

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