Forum Thread: How Do I Get Info from My Brothers PC Similar to Metasploits Powershell Injection? We Are on the Same Router?

So yeah, he is pretty much making fun of me for trying to learn hacking, and we are on the same network, can i do it remotely? i have Kali Linux on a laptop with a fully working internet connection.

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Please read the basics of Metasploit-Framework.
There are so many videos on YouTube and so many HOW-TO posts on Null-Byte.

So if you wanna learn to hack, learn the basics first.


Please respond to this, i know hot to do an android and a windows exploit but only being able to do it via the user installing an app or running a batch file, can i do this invisibly? im only asking for a guide link if its too complex. Thank you ^^

i still don't get what you want info about his computer?
or you want to gain full acces to it?

I want to get a keylogger onto him, to take a screenshot and stuff.

go and search for shellter, so the AV won't detect your payload or what you want to give to him, i would suggest you don't try something like this because it's easy to see through ( try to see how your brother is acting online and what is he doing), sending something would look suspicious to him try to use someone who he trusts.

the least way to do this is by convincing his girlfriedn or a close friend of him to do a prank or something!
you know your brother better try thinking in his skin

if you really want to get him on his knees ,steal his cookies sessions and get acces to his accounts...

how do i go about doing that?

If you are on the same network i'd suggest a mitm attack or DNS spoofing. Google around there are so many ways of doing it.

In short you could redirect him to another website or inject custom java code.

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