Forum Thread: Hack Without Sending an Executable?

Hi everyone! I was wondering if it was possible to hack either Windows or OSX without remote execution of an application. What I mean is that it seems that the tutorials here are about using tools like msfvenom to create an executable file that has to be sent to the victim. Is there another way to remotely hack someone's computer? Thanks.

-Grinning Veil

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Browser exploitation, jpeg injection with malicious code, etc. The possibilities are endless if you know where to look

Could you tel me where to look? As you can tell I'm a noob haha but I'm trying to learn. Also I would rather target OS X if that helps but Windows is fine too I guess. Thanks for the help!

Grinning Veil

uh like ms08netapi

Can you explain a little further? I'm really a noob. Sorry about that. Thanks.

ms08 netapi only works on xp lol

as for your question grinning veil, you might be able to use browser autopwn or setoolkit.

I guess what I'm really trying to ask is if theres any way to hack a system without sending anything (link, file, etc.) to the victim. I know this is going to sound dumb but like in movies (i know movies aren't realistic) or even in Mr. Robot sometimes they're able to enter a system without sending anything.

Hi everyone,
You can try to connect to target system with ip address and open port.(it work on LAN and WAN)

  • first thing you should be get ip address of your target
  • scan your target with nmap and see open port
  • penetrate in your target

If you are on LAN you can spoof the traffic for hacking your target, there is many ways to do it but the simple way to spy your target is to use rdesktop on kali linux .

Sorry for my bad english it's not my first language

This is a great question. Don't assume it's dumb because you're a noob. Most "hackers" think they are black hat because they can hack their ex windows pc by sending them a trojan. That's not hacking. Hacking is what you trying to do. I my self would be interested to learn how, although I have used a method few years ago which works very nicely and it's so awesome. Send me a pm to discuss further.

This is a great question raised and how do i build my exe file to .doc .pdf etc.... i kali linux

Hey IZZ RA I have the very same question please if you would like to explain me as well? I m a noob too :(

i'd like to learn to IZZ RA.
May i ask aswell?

Hey IZZ RA, I'd very much like to know how you did it.
Can you show me how, PLEASE....... I'm also a noob when it comes to hacking.

how to hack a computer server and erase all data please i want to hack my ex friend computer please please give me a advice

HACKABYLIE that doesn't work anymore most of the time, as any new systems have filtered ports and will refuse connection.

EternalBlue and DoublePulsar for windows 10*

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