Forum Thread: Im a Big User of Metasploit, Veil and NetCat (Hacking Windows 10)

Is there a way to hack windows 10 wirelessly without sending a file? like ms08067netapi for xp ?
if not can anyone then tell me how i can send a spoofed email from mac like on Kali linux?

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For spoofing an email you could do it manually using a misconfigured smtp server, or your own personal smtp server. You could also use the social engineering toolkit.

BTW.. Do you know how to use ExploitPack?

While on the topic of the Social Engineering Toolkit, I've never been able to have a message with an attached file go through. I've always used a Gmail account, and it inspects the PDF. :(

try macro attacks with powershell on microsoft word documents, it's the most successful and email providers don't scan it, in my experience with yahoo and gmail

Ok, I'll try it, thanks!

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