Forum Thread: I Want to Use Metasploit on Windows . Can I Use It ?

Many people want to use Metasploit Framework on Windows Systems. But they do not know how to install and set it up . For that I am here .

Let's Begin :

Step 1: Know Your System

By knowing your system I refer to know about your Operating System , System Architecture , Random Access Memory in short RAM . Reason behind finding these is to see whether Metasploit Framework would be able to function well or not on your system.

As you can see in picture below , following are the specifications on which I am working .
Operating System : Windows 7 Professional
System Type : 32 -Bit
RAM : 1.00

This step is important as we want to know if we are eligible for recommended system requirements for using Metasploit on Windows.

Step 2: Head to Google and Search for Metasploit for Windows :

The very first website would be probably Metasploit's official website . Open it.

Head to Download Section :

Step 3: Download the Version Satisfying Your System's Requirement

Since Metasploit officially ended the support for 32-Bit versions, you will see installer only for 64-Bit version for Windows . If you have 64-Bit system , you are good to go or if like me you are on 32-Bit system go to to download Metasploit Installer for 32-Bit systems.

Install process is nearly same in both version installers. Download the file and proceed to installation.

File is about 255 MB , download and proceed to next step.

Step 4: Installation :

So you got the installer file let's install Metasploit-Framework:
Step : 1 : Execute the installer and click Next

Step : 2 : Accept the terms in License Agreement . Click Next

Step : 3 If you want to change the installation directory then change it or leave it as default . Proceed to next step by clicking Next

Step : 4 Click on Install button and wait while installation completes .

Step : 5 Click on Finish button to complete the installation .

Done , now the Metasploit is installed . As you can check in the installation directory .
NOTE : You will not get any icons after installation as metasploit is based on CLI or Command Line Interface .

Fire up Command Prompt and type " msfconsole "

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