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Greetings Null Byters,

It has come to my attention that someone may grab your IP address from chat sites.. Here's what was said:

While chatting with someone via Facebook,Whatsapp (PC),Skype,etc. or any other social media site, a person can close all other tabs and use netstat to gain your IP address!..Confirm this in your lab and see for yourself...Any protection from this? Testing this i will be...

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AFAIK (I'm just guessing, correct me if I'm wrong) this can't be, because every message goes trough Facebook servers after being sent, just the way you are sent emails because of Facebook messages, the mail is sent every time by the same IP address, Facebook ones.

Skype? I'm not really into the topic, so I'd like to see experts' comments about it, as I was writing a how-to about IP grabbing, but resulted in not having enough informations and thinking of not being interesting enough.

PS: would it be interesting? I'm still having some drafts about it, I could publish them...

As Ciuffy said, it's not possible to grab someone's IP through whatsapp or facebook because the traffic travels through facebook's and whatsapp's servers which will result in wrong IP(Server's IP). Skype is possible via packets of course which makes it "secure" from spies because traffic between skype1 and skype2 goes directly between them and not through skype servers which has logs.

Sorry about the bad english.

Early versions of whatsapp were unencrypted allowing for session hijacking and MitM attacks to reveal not only the IP address, but also the message content. This can be done by anyone on the same wireless network as the victim.

Yes, you're correct people can get your IP Address threw chat sites pretty simple. There is allot of different methods it can be done, but the easiest and the most popular are listed below for each service.

Skype: People use API's to get your IP address. This method is called a Skype Resolver. I'll put one below.

Aim: Aol makes images pop up instantly if sent threw a link. So, you can hot link the image to log the connection that the picture is used by. I'll also supply a link.

Any other service works pretty much the same way. There's allot of different methods of doing this. I protect my self using a simple browser extension for chrome called zen mate.

Skype Resolver:
IP Logger:

Hello All,

After testing some simple attempts, with this in mind. Here's what I discovered: (Tested with win 7)
On a skype call/video chat
Open Windows Task Manager>Performance>Resource Monitor
Network>TCP Connections
And that's it.....Do your Homework and smile....

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