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I've looked all over Google and Null-Byte about figuring out what No-ip is really doing to my ip on the internet and I can't gain clarity.

From my understanding, no-ip is just a dynamic DNS service that takes my ip (whatever it is) and links it to a name ( However, I just don't understand how this can help me mask anything. I can go to and I just see my ip. Nothing changes.

I've read on How-To's here and it mentions running no-ip AFTER going through a VPN and I just don't understand the benefit in doing it. Is it to prevent some sort of leak? Any information is appreciated.

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No-IP wasn't designed for hackers, so masking anything really is useless. On this page No-IP clearly states at the end of paragraph 11 (Representations and Warranties):

"You also warrant that the domain name being registered will not be used in connection with any illegal activity."

Moreover, In the past there have been cases where No-IP user records were obtained by the FBI, and that should deter any kind of illicit behaviour.

I hope that explains it well enough.

The benefit in using no-ip AFTER logging into VPN is that the Public IP of the VPN is mapped to your Hostname. That way, you can access your server via DNS without having to connect your real IP to a DNS.

The downside is that every other user of your VPN listening on the same port as your server can receive your traffic.

As TRT said, no-ip is not designed for hackers or for anonymity, just for DNS-Hostnames.

Understood, thank you both for clearing that up. I definitely have a better understanding.

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