Forum Thread: Is It Possible to Get a Non-IRC2P IRC Network for Null Byte?

I spend a lot of time on IRC but I do not like to use IP2P. I would like to see a non-IRC2P network so the loveliness that I'm sure our channel is can be joined by us non-IP2P'ers. Anyone think this will be done any time soon?

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4 Responses

Hehe, yeah I've been on the IP2P IRC channel a couple of times, but there's nobody around. Hopefully more people will join by using a "normal" server.

Perhaps we could use the same server as before? Darchoods or something?

I miss the friday programming evenings on IRC, even though I didn't attend very many of them. Was a lot of fun.

I could probably go ask some of the Darchoods folks if we could use their services, assuming nobody more legitimate wanted to.

Anything to boost Nullbyte's activity :)

I would love to know if there is one cause I'm very new to Linux and IRC and don't quite understand how to get to the correct channel on xchat even with the darchoods and freenodes so if there is a more public chan plz let me know.

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