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This started as a very unofficial set up while on the IRC channel and there was some interest in holding a capture the flag event. I wanted to post and see if there was both enough interest, and to make sure it was carried out in a legal and null-byte compliant way. If you have interest in participating or want to make me aware of any necessary rules or precautions I need to take please send me a PM.


I'll be on the NullByte IRC channel for a good chunk of the morning if anyone would like to speak directly about this event/proposal.

meet us on the IRC. dont know how to get there?

thanks OTW

happy hacking

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I also had this idea and would like to contribute.

toss me a pm which any ideas you may have

Is this even open for beginners as well? I'd love to observe and learn

What is it, exactly? (not what CTF is, but what are you planning to do)


for the first one id spin up a server with a couple of known exploits and plant a file (flag) to be captured from the machine. If this becomes a popular thing we can come up with other challenges as well.

these would be very low level and all are welcome. if there are enough participants i would like to create teams with an even distribution of low to high technical ability.

articles and tutorials are good but nothing beats getting down and dirty...legally lol

Count me in!

But... where will we get a server?


already got that covered ;) all we need are participants and maybe a couple of organizers to help me with the challenges.

Well if I have time to participate, I will replace the "flag" with this video and give it the exact same name just to mess with the other people who get there after me if I can capture it first.


Always down to help.

I would love to be able to try one out

Color me participating!

Sounds great :)

Awesome , looks great. Count me in. If you need any help let me know .

I'd love to join and learn as much as I can!!!

The IRC will get more attention which is kool beenz. Should be held every weekend for those who are interested.

i would love to hold it every week but it would start to break my bank a hate to sink to having to ask for donations (granted they wouldnt be much 1-2 dollars from a few people per event would more than cover it)

sounds like fun i will join in i think we should do teams and possibly have it as a monthly thing. with like team selection or something like that. also the winning team/person should do a How-to on what they did so us nubs can learn what to do.

yup if you see some of my replies thats exactly where id like to take this. to go one step futher id like to really get you guys ready for the security career path by having an offensive and defensive team. If this gets really big maybe someday we can even offer prizes.

This sounds great.

Agreed. Suser, maybe you should talk to OTW about this? He can certainly help you organize the event.


I'm not very good at these (mostly cuz I've tried three), but count me in for this event.


(Just don't forget to make sure user's logins are secure like the guys at LASACTF did ;) )

I think this is a great idea!

If it works out, we can make it a regular feature in Null Byte and offer prizes and awards to the winners!

I was wondering when you'd respond. I'm glad you're on board! I'm planning on hosting a small one this week but maybe we can plan out something more official in the next couple of weeks. Toss me a PM or let me know when you'll be on the IRC.

At what time will that event take place?


If possible, I'd like to help set everything up. I think it would be a great learning experience even though it might disqualify me from the actual CTF.


i'm in , look forward to it !

I love this kind of stuff!

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