Forum Thread: Is There a Way to Crack One Password on Two PC's?

I've been using Kali for about half a year now for pen testing and was wondering if there is a way to crack a password using two PC's. I have two laptops, one running kali and one running windows and kali. I was brute forcing a password the other day using a mask on hashcat, and it estimated a total time of 19 hours. Is there a way to narrow this time down by somehow doing this on two pc's? I am aware that you can create a dictionary of all possible outcomes, split it in half then use each half on the separate pc's, but is there a way to do it with the brute force attack? I have tried may other methods of speeding up cracking, and have also wondered about this idea. Any suggestions appreciated :)

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Yes, some tools like hashcat allow you to send the job to multiple threads and machines.

Can that be done by a botnet, OTW ?

Thanks for the quick reply. I was googling quite a bit before and couldn't find anything, but as soon as i typed in what you said results came up instantly. Cheers

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