Forum Thread: Use Botnet for Password Cracking

So lets say I have made a family botnet from my and my family's pcs' (with permission)(I know thats lame haha:);)).. so lets say I got a 4 way handshake... so how do I utilize my little botnet to speed up my cracking speed??

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If you're trying to crack the password against a dictionary, perhaps give each bot 1/4 of the dictionary. In theory, you should crack a password 4 times faster. If the password is easy, that'll be helpful. If the password takes billions of centuries to crack, then you're still out of luck.

I actually did this with several of my own computers just for fun and learning. I did it with the Zeus botnet and made sure it had a combination of Windows OSes and Linux. I still have it available to myself because I am too lazy to remove it all, besides it is fun to DDoS my own servers :P

I want to bruteforce it by using all pcs in botnet... how I do that?? Using meterpreter??

Any help?? I want to bruteforce using my little botnet...

Understanding what bruteforcing is will answer your question.

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