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hello guys, i really need help. i recently managed to hack into a java aplications database and passwords were encrypted in this way . " 54CE5EBE53B874","3f 757D145C75FA4A4A36BA667A57A" to mention but a few. after along google searching, i realised these java applications use keys to encrypt passwords. i even downloaded the full system on my pc but dont know how to find the encryption keys. can some one help?? help will be apreciated

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Those are hashes. They are one way encryption. You can use a tool such as hashcat to break them.

But first, try hash id|entifier to see what kind of hash it is

how-to/password-cracking, it seems in null-byte,there has a series about it

thanks guys. i have tried hashcat and all major password cracking softwares but those hashes are not found or unknown hash type is the response i get. i have the possible encryption keys form the decompiled java class files but dont know how to use them to intead decrypt the passwords

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