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hiii everyone :D i got a MAC address by spoofing and somehow managed to crack his password for the isp ....

now i am able to login eventhough i dont pay for the internet !!!!
now the isp assigned a different ip address to me ...

What happens when the real owner log in to his account ^^

i have been using some MAC address to get free internet for sometime.

i have another doubt ..... if we use someone else's MAC address will their internet speed decreases or will it divides among the both of us ?

thnx :)

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It will divide you. The internet will cease and go slower, of course. Let's say you both are using a 50MB Internet connection, 50MB % 2 = 25MB each.

What do you mean by "I some how cracked his isp password?" Do you mean that it automatically connected you to his internet without authentication?

i used trial and error method ;)

Maybe the password wasn't cracked. Perhaps the "active directory" (or other autentication management service - beats me) gave the same IP address (as the original owner - who maybe was logged at the same time or recently) to the spoofed MAC NIC and therefore he/she gained access. Does this make sence?

Spoofed MAC have nothing to do with bandwith, is the same as having two normal machines in the LAN BUT, now the BUT, having two machines with the same IP address, can cause some sort of crash (in a wired network), in a wifi network I belive the hotspot will see has the packets comming from the same place.

sorry i am only learning .. why can we only findout the mac adresses on our network ??

Try using "nmap" or the "arp" command.

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