Forum Thread: Metasploit .Exe Attributes and Processes

Hey guys,

I was wondering if there's an build in tool (in metasploit or Kali) which helps me to change the process and the attributes of an .exe payload.

If you e.g. create a payload, send it to the victim and open it at the victims pc, then you can see an apache process in the taskmanager.

I would like to change this process into something less obvious.

I looked into the Metasploit Unleashed but it didn't helped.

Here are some screenshots of what I would like to change:

I have seen an unknown user who has read and execute rights at the details of my payload.
Is this my Kali Account?
If yes, how can I delete that?
Screen (metioned in red):


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5 Responses

i dont thinks so that you can install install metasploit payload somewhere is possible to migrate somewhere else but i never tried with exe file.

Something like this ? It's windows but should work in wine.

Yeah, looks great ;)
Awesome, thanks :)
I'll check it out :)


to triphat: wau that looks really great :) i found little simple solution... what about change name of exe?

Changing the name of the .exe doesn't change the attributes ;)

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