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Hello Null Byte Community,

so i have recently discovered the amazing potential that the android version of meterpreter posesses. Major Vendors for AV dont detect the application which we created with msfvenom/msfvenom and on top of that dont even trigger once the file is executed and the session is opened on our attacker machine. As if that wasnt stunning enough, i am speaking of the raw payload, a.k.a. no encryption what so ever.

There is a major drawbacks to that however, i hope you have some solutions for that:

The migrate option is missing on android. So heres my issue with that, in case you didnt knew yet: The processes we usally exploit are not stable enough in order to keep meterpreter up, resulting in sudden closure of your session. Thats why migrating to other processes is usally a good idea if you dont want to install a backdoor or script that will reopen your session again immediately.

To sum my question up again: How can i ensure my android meterpreter session doesnt die due to an unstable process it is running on?

Also, since this is my first post here i would like to know if this is the appropriate type of question to ask here, i would appreciate it :)

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I think you should write a migrate command for the android meterpreter.

Are you up for it?

I am at a position where i still basically struggle with understanding how the stuff works "beneath the surface", i would love to contribute to the community but i doubt my abilites at the moment. Nevertheless i guess it would be a good idea to research about the topic, i will set this as a project for me.

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