Forum Thread: A Nullbyte IRC Bot Playground?

Hello everyone! I haven't been on the site for long, but I've visited irc for a little while, and I thought, wouldn't it be nice if Nullbyte had its own bot testing channel? That way, programmers could write experimental bots and have a place to test them without annoying anyone? I wanted to see what the whole community thought before slapping Nullbytes name on something that the community wouldn't use or enjoy. What do you all think? Maybe we could call it something like NullByte_botplayground

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3 Responses

Sounds like a fun community thing. This could help people start off with learning socket programming and networking protocols. Could build a foundation for those out there wanting to make networking applications... or for those 1337 haXx0rZ who want to build backd00rs.

Agreed, especially since many channels wouldn't appreciate having people testing their semi-functional bots on there.

I think it'd be quite the learning experience for new-bs, and a great testing environment for people looking to improve their IRC bot skills.

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