Forum Thread: How to Setup Utopia Mining Bot? Utopia VM or Sandbox Tutorial

Making some money ans stay secure is better to wasting time on social media. The first and only platform known as Utopia ecosystem powered by Utopia 1984 Group, let us to claim our ability to stay secure and anonymous. Have you heard that you are secure and your privacy is not compromised on social media? Just think deeply about this and come to point. Once you get your answer then your destination is only Utopia.

Utopia has many features in which one of them is getting rewarded for being online Utopia ecosystem which is inside the Utopia, known as crypton mining that pays out every 15 minutes you spend online at Utopia client. It is same as crypto currency mining but the Utopia cryptons mining is very easy and comfortable than all other crypto mining. All users have free rights to use as many bots as they can, the only condition is to run Bot from different devices at 1Bot/1device. So it's better to spend your time on Utopia to being secured. Definitely crypton is also anonymous and use for secure dealing inside Utopia ecosystem.

As we started our title that how to setup Utopia Mining Bot so here it is
Open Utopia Client and Click on tools > Mining Bots
Click 'Add new Mining Bot'
Type bot XXnameXX and Create Bot
Now Start the Windows virtual machine and download bot file (Be sure you setup sufficient requirements)
Extract file after download and copy that folder and paste that here C:\Program Files
Open cmd and paste ( "C:\Program Files\Utopia\utopia_bot.exe" /k –token ) and start Mining bot
You can get your Token id from Utopia software at My mining bot
Enjoy Now

So this is the very short time taken work and can be done in 5-10 minutes. Mining bot is active on Utopia Client by default but this will not slow your machine, that's great. So you will be rewarded with crypton for every 15 minutes on Utopia. This was a windows VM tutorial and i'm posting about Linux very soon.

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Just thought its worth mentioning... Ive been with Utopia since the 2nd day of beta testing (still currently in beta) all of the above is true about Utopia and using the bot to get paid... you earn about .15 Utopia every 15 mins... that is per bot... HOWEVER these earning do not transfer after the beta test... the top 20 earners i think it is.. will be air dropped their earnings at launch but thats it!! I look forward to seeing more of you inside!! The future for Utopia looks bright!!!

The future of Utopia is very bright thats true. But service like Utopia will never can be found. I'm wishing good luck to Utopia 1984 and i hope its always one step ahead. You will see many more will come like Utopia but their system of launch and beta testing was amazing. Every one who participate in beta testing will feel proud on their work

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