Forum Thread: Pocket WiFi and the Evil Twin Attack Quesitons

Hi again, im null and i have some more questions (if you guys dont mind.)

1- My Pocket WiFi
i have a pocket wifi, the kind that lets you insert an SD card in it.
My question is: Is there a way i can use this for hacking?

2- the evil twin attack
ive read about it, but im not so sure how it works.

Okay ive spoofed (idk if that's the right term) my MAC address so it's the same as the BSSID of the WiFi im cloning. and my hotspot name is also the same as the WiFi now. i have no idea what i can do from here.

My questions are:

  • do devices that automatically connect to the WiFi i just cloned; also automatically connect to mine? (yes i know i can bump them off so they would connect to mine, also that i can increase the connection's power with iwconfig (i think)
  • what are the things i can do when someone does connect to my evil twin, and how can i do it?

If you're looking at this and have finished reading my post i'd like to say: Thank you for your time.

and in advance to those who would be kind enough to answer my questions: Thank you.


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3 Responses

Will in short. You would be the DNS aka mitm id google both of those terms for a much deeper exploration but in short you can edit read write traffic. For example if victim went to you could redirect him without him even knowing it.result you getting his login info. You can even go as for as rediciting a download (making them download a completely different file then intended) I am open to error but look into it :p

Thank you very much. I think google will help me from here. can i redirect him to a link? like if He/She is going to google; i could redirect them to youtube?

I believe so. This type of attack is called mitm aka man in the middle.

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