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Hi guys

this is my first post pleeeeeeeease help me ;(

i have a problem in do a evil twin attack. in some tutorial said that we can use Dhclient to use modem DHCP to set IP on victim but this method sometimes work and sometimes doesn't work.( i do not know why but i am sure i did all mentioned steps correctly.

i tried to run a Dhcp server on my Kali Linux but the related package (isc-dhcp-server) can not install on my kali machine. i tried to change the source.list file, also i used apt-get update command but the problem did not solved. please help me to do a complete evil twin attack.

** i use Alfa AWUS036NH to perform the attack

at the end sorry for my poor english ;)

thanks alot.

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2 Responses

First: Adding extra sources.list entries tends to break Kali. Kali has several design features that normal linux packages are not designed to take into account. As an example kali is designed to run as root, and many other repos won't take this into account causing issues running software. If you want to make a custom package with all the tools you need, you may want to start with debian in a VM and just add the packages you need/want to use. As Kali is based on debian, you'll get very similar performance and commands, but customized to work better with ohter repositories. As an added bonus, this helps you get more familiar with linux as a whole.

Second and more on topic:

What error messages do you get? Without seeing the failture message we cannot help you very much? We should be able to help you even if you scrub identifying info from the message.

"apt-get update" must be run as root...

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