Forum Thread: Whats the Best Way to Hack a Wifi wpa2?

Hi i am trying to hack my home wifi to steal my password, i am new in the world of hacking networks, i have already tried evil twin attacks with fluxion and i found that it does disconnects only pcs not telephones, is there any solution or have i to change method of hacking? (I am trying now reaver and get Detected AP rate limiting) i am open to all kind of solutions, but i want to let you know that i am hacking using ubuntu because i had some problems with distributions like parrot os or kali when using metasploit in ubuntu i dont have those problems(i am sorry for my english if i made mistakes).

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The exploit Krack should be the best if it was not already patched

Yeah so i searched on github Krack and cloned its repo but i dont know how to use it can you give a link where i can find tutorials of this? I have just only seen people scanning if networks are vulnerable with Krack and not really bypassing wpa2.

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