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I've been a while here reading guides, and this is an amazing site and community. Please forgive me for my english.

I want to upload a video in YouTube or Facebook anonymously, I would like to protect me as much as I can. If anyone can provide a brief tutorial I would appreciate.

I've read that I need to use proxies, but which one? Should I use Kali or Tails? I should create all accounts after I got the proxies right?


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Here's a quick and easy way to make an "anonymous" profile on social media websites. Please note that in no way am I encouraging you to use this for malicious purposes. If anything you should take this information to detect fake or anonymous profiles.

Before anything, log off of your previous accounts and go to a coffee shop or use a VPN. You don't want the account's IP address to be associated with yours.

Next you can head over to my favorite place to do recon, Fake ID Generator. This website will give you a name, an occupation, a city, a credit card (not usable of course) and other various things. It is perfect for making quick and easy profiles. You will also need to make fake gmail accounts because websites like Facebook will not accept disposable emails like mailinator.

Go to Facebook and click on create an account, fill up all of the slots with your new information. For a profile picture, you can leave it blank, or pull one from google images.

Please realize that if you do anything illegal or just plain stupid, you can, and will be traced if you face the wrong people. Please use this for good.

Hope this helps, Cameron. :D

Yes you can! OTW made a great tutorial recently here and it works with iceweasel or whatever browser you want to use. Obviously you want to make ALL accounts needed to upload said video through the proxy. DO NOT use phone verification. Also use a Tails USB and make sure to do a full format of the USB afterwards with a drive nuker. You NEED to be careful with drive nukers, you CAN ruin your whole computer with them.

Best thing would be to completely destroy your USB like Elliot did a couple times in Mr. Robot S1 but I am assuming that you want to be able to use the USB again.

Obviously these measures are extreme but it would be the best way to protect yourself.

Thanks for your fast response Camero!

Which VPN do you recommend?

Just before I say anything I think it's important for you to know that my name is actually Cameron, haha! It's funny how the website cuts it off like it does. Anyway, I like express vpn. There is a manual installation as well as an easy to use version for most devices. However, I think you should also check out using things like tor or following OTW's tutorial on setting up proxies.

Oh sorry hahaha.

Here's something you might want to read for VPN & Privacy.

Thanks Triphat, good article!

Thank for the tips Jeremiah, I'll check the tutorial right now.

I use ibVPN ( ) and it provides great speed and stable connection. It also has a kill switch feature which allows you to close a specific application in case the VPN connection drops.

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