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Hello everyone,

Some months ago I heard that some botnets make use of The Onion Router to keep their C&C anonymous. How does this work?

I program in C++ and I want to connect to servers anonymously with my program. Ofcourse I can just use a VPN or proxy but the Tor network seems to be good enough to get the job done aswell.

Can I compile Tor in the program or do i need to "hook" the program on the Tor application? And how do i do this?


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This I've found when I googled your question. And for a great overall answer I would recommend to read this!

Good luck!

Thanks for the reaction!
Can I also make a server with a onion adress that communicates on other ports aswell?
It has to keep its IP or other information secret.

And how can i add the 2 exe's and dll's together?
Thanks again

I'm not an expert, but I'll try to help you ;)
1) You can setup a hidden service, but I don't know if you can use other ports as well.
2) If you set up a hidden service your server IP gets automatically hidden ;)
3) For this you can use a binder. Just google for it; I'm sure you'll find one.

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