Forum Thread: Security in IOT ( Internet of Things ) By [Mohamed Ahmed]

Hello friends . we have been increasingly bombed by IOT ( internet of things ) that's why i am writing this thread .since it is inevitable progress, interaction, and acquisition of the products that are under this implementation.

As we are very habitual to read more and more about IoT, and therefore we must also take into account that with this boom also goes hand in hand:

IOT Security

With the progressive tendency of having several devices connected to the network is summed up in a SERIOUS danger to the privacy of the users.

Devices dedicated to entertainment, TV, Players, printers to appliances, now connected to the Internet we can perceive as an advantage, the main facilitate the life of the user in certain aspects, but also makes him a victim of attacks, intrusions, that well we know, an example of this type of espionage, remember the well-known, Samsung's Smart-TV, which kept - listening - whatever was said in front of the TV, and hands of those who came the information obtained, it was recommended not to mention private data of the family, but!!!!!!!!!

Was that really the solution?

The things or devices of the home become -more intelligent than we would like-, and this is what happens in fiction films, gradually building the "CIBERHOGAR" and becoming an era-technological bubble, and thus we forget that it is paramount to take security measures.

But not only those who come to use these devices are the only ones who forget this aspect of great importance, but also those who design these devices is an important company, they also have that oversight, do not take into account the security that will compromise the device, relevant issue that concerns the experts about the IoT.

Another important aspect that a colleague mentioned to me is that now when we have guests at home, the main thing for them is to stay connected, so they request internet connection and electricity, for which the question of internet access to the guests is advisable is through a temporary subnet via the Smartphone and do not provide the main internet key.

Risks in IoT

• Exploitation of vulnerabilities, mainly the password.

• Loss of privacy, an advantage or facility provided by the IoT is monitoring remotely through the Internet, but with this, privacy is lost, although not all devices are acquired for the purpose of remote monitoring, so to evaluate if you need to keep them connected.

• Theft of Personal Data, separating game devices from those of personal data, leading to a leak of information

my Security Tips in IoT
1.- Do not leave the default password of the device.
2.- Keep separate Smartphones, computers where sensitive information is handled, from IoT devices.
3.- Keep the firmware updated.
4.-Share a temporary subnet, using a Smartphone instead of the main key to the guests.

  1. Disable the internet connection if it is not being used on the device.

6.- Keep in mind that all information generated by IoT devices goes directly to a server being stored, although the users can not be controlled, be aware of what information is shared with the device, and manufacturers need to take safety is vital.

7.- If it is not of vital importance for the device to connect to the internet that is used for handling personal data. Since as mentioned earlier, devices dedicated to IoT do not always give priority to security.

8.- Know the device since they usually have many functions that are not suspected to have and with it to door more to the intrusion to your data, if you know the device with the new functions you can deactivate the unnecessary ones.

9.- To maintain a -CIBERHOGAR- protected one has read the instructions, and visit the site to obtain a reliable and safe device.

10.- Consult the support team of the manufacturer, for clarification of doubts use it since the support is being paid.


--iot faq

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