Forum Thread: Help with SETOOLKIT Kali Linux Harvesting Credentials with a Cloned Site!

I am running Kali Linux on Oracle's VM and can easily create the cloned site with SETOOLKIT. I am also able to access the site through Kali Linux on the provided Firefox ESR browser, however, when I try to access the cloned site from my phone using safari, I can't connect. Same goes for google chrome on my other computer and anything outside of Kali Linux. Please help!

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Can you send me what you type to setup the cloned site?

Are you using the internal IP address of cloned site? Or your routers IP? Are your devices on the same network as the Kali machine?

I am using the second inet address listed when I type "ifconfig" in the terminal. All devices are on the same network as well.

I set everything up to site clone. I'm trying to get facebook credentials. (I'm using ngrok to port forward.) When I test my site, I'm getting my username back but no password. Any thoughts on what could be wrong? Is it hashed? If so, what field would it be in so I can see if it's correct? I'm a complete noob =)

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