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i have backbox linux and I tried to install veil-evasion but when i finished
i had errors with the ruby, gems, bundle someone can tell me what i need to do step by step..
(it's can be on all linux: ubuntu,mint) it's doesn't matter

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Are you trying to install a virtual machine or a program? I'm not familiar with either of these but if you tell me what kind of thing you are installing, I might be able to help.

BackBox is an OS similar to Kali, used for hacking. Veil-evasion is a tool used to evade antivirus.

I'm slightly confused by the description of your problem. Can you provide the following to start with?
What are the exact errors you are getting? Screenshot might help.
Did you install the required dependencies?
What setup/install directions are you following?

will anybody help me. I have installed kali linux two times in my laptop but, when I am using it freezes randomly. I tried different linux. no such problem occurred ever... except this...

with kali 1.1.0a....
I have searched most and did as much I could... like re installation, checking broken packages...
verifying the package... and other installations...
will previous versions of kali will solve this....
please tell me .... as soon as possible.

Post his to the forum, that way more people will see it. I would give you more info, but I fear that this comment will be sniped for whatever reason.

you can reply me in personal msg !!!!

i suppose that the problem ur facing is a problem with pywin and wine and ruby, veil-evasion attempts to install wine bcz it installs python for windows(don't know why) and when he don't find wine installed and configured he attempts to install it and fails bcz he search fir wine-32 wich isn't the right wine package, so what u got to do is get a windows file, install wine manually, configure it so it works with .exe files, and run Veil-Evasion/setup/ again/ and u can configure it bydoing winecfg-->install

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