Forum Thread: Virtual Machine Not Allowing Setoolkit Connections?

I have tested this a bunch of times. Now it seems when I use setoolkit on my kali linux virtual box (bridged adapter through internet), I can only connect to my LAN ip address through my host machine, and not any other on my network. It's very odd. Any ideas as what could be happening? I already deleted my kali linux and I am downloading a new iso file now.

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Can you rephrase your problem a bit maybe this time with long details.

( Am trying to get your description but to no avail )

# Sergeant

Alright sergeant. I have my kali linux set up on a virtual box. With my host machine, a mac osx. Here are the Vm network settings.

I start up kali linux and type ifconfig. I see my eth0 and my l0. (I am not using a wireless adapter). I look at my ip address, and start up social engineering toolkit with setoolkit. I start a credential harvester attack with the ip and the website

When the attack starts, I am able to access the page from my host machine, a mac OS X which is running the virtual box. But no other machine on my network can do the same.


I have faced this problem before when i was setting up a metasploit browser attack. Honestly, I couldn't find any solution ( I googled ) .... I could connect but others couldnt so from my own opinion, I would say the problem is with the VM ......

( Dont get discouraged, Its my opinion )

# Sergeant

UPDATE: It seems it is working at my school's router but not on my home router. Any ideas?

  • Do all machines/devices get that same type of IP from your router (10.x.x.x)?, if not try changing it to the normal one (192.168.x.x).
  • This actually can't be the fault of your router if you are working on LAN
  • Nor it is the fault of your antivirus's firewall.
  • Also, it can't be of of Kali Linux either.
  • So that leaves us with VM, which you should download VMware instead of Virtual Box (it's way better) (but I don't know about Mac)
  • Link for torrent:Here

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