Forum Thread: Still Need Help with WAN in Kali

i opet forward to 8080. i configure apache ports to 8080 ,i configure site avalavle at 8080 i restart the apache but cant open the port at my ip :/

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i Dont know :/

dude test this

forward port 3000 in your router then fireup BeEf then check it up in your if it didnt open it means you do some thing wrong

I use a 3G mobile connection, and sometimes I get an IP that is natted and not allowed to receive incoming connections. Sometimes I reboot the router, and my ip is changed on a totally different netblock, allowing me to forward any port I want.

Providers are possibly running out of ipv4 space, so this s# happens.

Note down your ip address now, reboot router, recheck ip address. Do this for a couple days every 3-6 hours and see if you IP is assigned to different block or is always on same range. is the most straightforward way to check if you are available for connections. If you are sure you forwarded ports right on router, allowed local service on your computer firewall, and still get no connection, ask your ISP. They are the only one that can solve your problem. also cant me my beef at port 3000

i can ping my router i think kali firewall is messing with me do you have any idea to fix this

I don't think it would be the "kali firewall". You can find out by nmap'ing your computer, and then grepping for 8080 either by using a pipe or outputting the results into a file and then grepping the file from there.

I may be wrong, but i don't think kali comes with an active firewall. It comes with iptables but you have to set it up yourself. So unless you set up iptables and blocked traffic i don't think it's the firewall.

when i nmap my internal ip i see port open but when i nmap the external ip i don't see any port open

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