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i need a help i am using a netsetter to connect kali linux to internet. i want to change my port to use it with setollkit , metasploit and other tools . but i am not able to do it.. when i type my external ip in address bar .. the page is not loading .It says connection refused

i tested these tools over my lan connection and it works fine. but i want to use it over wan.
hope you will help me.

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You have to enter the default gateway in the url bar... You should check on the web. To get the default gateway: netstat -r. Browse to it and change the config!

can you explain it a bit more specific

Login to your router's web interface (preferably on IE)
( or or or
(username & password: admin)
(There are also written on a sticker, at the bottom of your router)

and find a submenu called Application or Network or wherever you find the word Port Forwarding. What do you see now? Send us a screenshot!


this is what happen when i enter the public ip in the browser.
i am using a net setter with BSNL as ISP

DUDE why the fuck you would use your public ip adress. I told you to enter your default gateway which means internal ip of the router lmfao

bro internal ip works on lan network.i have tried it over lan and it works. i want to do it over wan.
and its not a router. its a netsetter

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