Forum Thread: How to Set Up a WAN Attack When Only Have a 3G Internet Connection ?

Hello guys, i am new to the "aspiring white-hat hacker/security awareness playground"...

i want to know how to set up a WAN attack with metasploit in Kali Linux,
but i have only 3G dongel and TL-MR3420 3G/4G Wireless Router ,

in my area we do not have ADSL connection or WIFI connection, we only have 3G network, So i try to set up port forwarding using my router and 3g dongle,

but when i go to the , it says,

so i am confuse is that impossible to do port forward with my devise ,
all so is any other way to set up WAN attack with out port forward?

Is any one can make tutorial or give me a solution it's very helpful to me and lot of other viewers....thanks,

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Well, i think the ISP on 3g network is blocking all incoming connections so it wont help you to port forward. You can try get a VPN with portforwarding allowed. That should do the trick and solve your problem.

my first remark is: set your primary dns to and your secondary dns to (google's dns) because i noticed that they're set to ...and yes i know it has nothing to do with your question.

you can't check for an open port if you're not using that port. you have to set multi/handler or netcat to listen on port 4444 then go to exp: nc -vlp 4444

if the above doesn't work for some reason, then we come to my solution which is the virtual router or what is called PORT MAPPER. download PortMapper-1.9.5.jar from, chmod it to 755 if it asks you to (chmod +x PortMapper-1.9.5.jar) and execute it using the command

java -jar PortMapper-1.9.5.jar

a graphical interface will open up. click on CREATE and give a name to the port, for example META, and add the port 4444 TCP then save. To open the port, click on CONNECT, wait a few seconds, then click on the port name (META) and select USE. set netcat to listen on the port and go to check if it's open. if you do everything correctly, the success is 100%. I have a 3G dongle and i use that method after i searched a lot on the net

P.S: I use kali, so donnow shit about windows

This is good advice. He explained it well; in order for the port to be open you need to run a service on it. If you plan on using meterpreter the lport on your handler is the port in which you are opening.

thanks for the good explain ,

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