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Hello guys ,a long while ago I used to use old Kali on virtual box but it was just for educational purposes I just practiced on my own network didn't attempt any wan attacks then I got busy with university and stuff so I stopped for a while , the time came so I decided to return installed Kali on VMware on my laptop and decided to get it a little bit further so I got everything set and Kali is good to go the thing that always troubles me is open ports such as 80 443 4444 since I decided to perform a WAN attack so NAT network adapter won't help so I switched to bridged what I did is open these ports on my router to my Kali's ifconfig IP address installed and opened guff did he same allowed in ports to the same ip , to test all of what I did I opened iceweasel in Kali and opened port checker such as canyouseeme site but none of the ports are successfully opened :(

I'm aware that I have to open ports on my firewall so I disabled it and give it a try in addition to VMware but there is no option for port forwarding in bridged only NAT as u may know

And one off-road question is it possible to crack wifi passwords with tols such reaver using my laptop wireless I mean without an external wifi adapter when using VMware

I just need help to get over this but since I'm in exams period can't open Kali just give me ur thoughts and I'll keep them in mind for future attempts and I'll try them when I'm done

thanks for ur time and excuse me if I have some grammar errors

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6 Responses

No, not without external wifi adapter.

  1. First what is the platform you are running your VMplayer on?
  1. your laptop should work in either Bridged or NAT (most laptops appear to favor NAT)
  1. I am curious as to why you are disabling you firewall? Your firewall should allow the request out and then allow any reply that matches the request back through and if you are using bridged or NAT it should behave the same.

Thanks unholy , appreciate the help
1-Windows 10
2- ya its working through bridged and nat and I have internet connection on kali
3- thanks for the tip I just disabled it to give it a try

4- I took a look on this post , it makes sense to me and I've already setted kali on my vm perfectly


is that the same for bluetooth , for instance if i want to use bluetooth tools do i need a dongle or laptop bluetooth is enough once it's set?

A question for everyone , is opening ports are necessary for WAN attacks , ports such as 80 , 443 , 4444
suppose you're in a cafe then you wont be able to access the router how you will be able to open ports to your laptop
im aware it's possible to hack and break into the router ...
Excuse me guys im learning im not experienced yet so bare with me :)

Thanks for all the efforts it's such a great site i've been here for a year and couple of months now :D (on my old account)

Guys Did i say something that made you ignore me ?

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