Forum Thread: A Trouble with Glitched Out Router.

So my router has glitched out after I changed my SSID and password. Seems that he can't handle spaces. I tried setting my SSID to Ladasno Network, but got only Ladasno and password is Cannot Know, but now I can't login to my wifi and edit settings. I'm 100% sure that password is correct since it is saved in my chrome password library so I could copy and paste it. So I'm asking how can I hack WPA2 (No WPS hacking, No Handshake Hacking) encrypted wifi.

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The most important thing which you need to check if you are getting trouble with the glitched-out router is the cables. If there is any cable of your router is not properly attached then it will get you in trouble because of the Netgear A6210 Not Detected issue. Hopefully, this information will help you to get the matter resolved.

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