Forum Thread: What Is the Difference Between Router Pin and WPS?

I'm trying to hack a router that has router pin. when i try to connect to it in windows first it asks for pin but when i scan that AP using WASH, it doesn't show that AP as a WPS enabled router. is there any difference between a router that has WPS enabled and one that uses pin? can this router's pin be hacked?

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i know but tools like WASH, WIFITE etc. don't recognize that router as a WPS-enabled router and even when i ignore that and try to hack it's WPS pin using reaver or bully, they stick to the first pin even when my signal is 90%. the only way that i know that router has PIN is with this method.

Basically, WPS is the name of the technology, while the pin is actually the pin used by the WPS.

WPS is Wi-Fi protected setup, which is based on features that make the process of connecting to an AP and transferring data easier and faster.

Marketing features have a cost...

They stick to the first PIN? They state the first PIN is the correct one, or they start and never move past the first PIN? Have you been able to break other WPS enabled routers with your current setup, or is this your first attempt?

Could be your adapter having issues. CyberHitchHiker posted 2 comments that may be relevant to your issue in the above link (overly aggressive tools).

it sticks to the first PIN attempt in Bully and in Reaver it doesn't even associate with the AP. I've already hacked about 8 APs so far.

BTW. You can have another program associate with the AP and reaver can then test pins.

Because current firmware is set up to flag locked on wps enabled routers when en fact they are not locked. You should try to test against Reaver or RyReaver to see if you can obtain positive results. Bully will beat the router into lock no matter which router you are testing because most people do not use the delay option and it stresses the AP to much.

You should test all AP'S with reaver regardless of flagged state.

If you want to unlock the a locked AP you need to blast it with mdk3 until it reboots which it will in a few minutes or hours when the buffer fills up.

Nice explanation.

do you mean the firmware of the routers or my wireless adapter? that AP doesn't even show up on WASH scan to see if it's locked.

Thanks, i'll use that but what is RyReaver?

i tried to mdk3 a router for few minutes to reset it but didn't work, so i need to keep all those mdk3 windows open for hours to fill the router buffer ?

Yes wait for more then a few minutes then check it again. Google ryreaver.

ryreaver doesn't run on Kali linux, only on Backtrack

It will run on 32bit kali all day long and you would need a libc file to run it on 64bit tho

i think i've installed required packages, what specifically do i need to install?

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