Forum Thread: I Wan't to Learn Pentesting, and Planning to Learn Both C++ and Python. But I'm Not Sure About What I Should Start With?

I want to be able to:

  • Develop malwares and exploits
  • Develop pentesting tools

As far as I know, Python is better for develop pentesting tools, while on the other hand C++ is better for malwares and exploits. Fix me if I'm wrong.

So, what should I start with?

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i would say you should learn c first to make malwares and viruses then learn assembly language for reverse engineering and making 0-day exploits, then learn some tools on kali such as nmap and learn about network security and then after all that make python tools. if you tried to make tools with python first you will stuck in the loop of a script kiddie trust me i've gone through it and learned it the hard way.

Hey brother I can get help

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