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My question over here is that how could one newbie or even intermediate techie start its path to become pro hacker like even bounty hunter , finding new vulns , exploiting/writing own scripts .Like even though one learn java/any programming languages like java,python,C,C++,etc from sites like codecamp, codecademy they dont teach you stuff about hacking/exploiting . I think my question is clear enough now !

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I honestly don't have much to say on the topic as I am a newbie myself. But on the matters of learning how to find and code exploits I would recommend you to search some books since there's a bunch of them over the internet. The one that first comes to my mind is Hacking: The Art of Exploitation by Jon Erickson. It's a highly recommended book for beginners and it's filled with tons of technical knowledge over every aspect of exploitation and coding.

Well in my opinion there is no way to "Become a pro hacker", it's just through learning and testing, also it would help to have a degree in branches of computer engineering. Sites like Codecademy etc do help, but learning the basics is important, the languages you should learn vary depending on the situation, but for starters try HTML/CSS, Javascript, PHP, Ruby, and from there you can choose what you like. When learning the languages don't immediately think "How could I use this for hacking?" Because it will confuse you, try thinking of other uses, for example when I was learning Html and Javascript, I thought it would be a good idea to make a website with a bunch of converters(Celsius to Fahrenheit, Metres to Feet, and so on), when you become proficient with them you can start to think of ways to hack using them.

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as for me i think knowing tomutch programing languages is not the good way..

just learn some scripting languages like python, ruby, perl or bash scripting and acyually concentrate on more serious work like learning about latest vulnrerabilities and how to bypass them..

If a simple how-to on "becoming a pro hacker" existed, everyone would have been one
you want to be a good hacker, work for it
Start with a linux distribution and with the basics
a lot of great tutorials are available here
and then when you have enough knowledge about the subject
you can start "creating" your own exploits etc...

To become a pro hacker you have to take some measures into place like getting full understanding of Networking(CCNA----CCNP),Programming languages like Assembly language,Machine language(Hex editing).Scripting languages like Perl,python,ruby and most of all a dynamic update on Ethical hacking modules.

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