Forum Thread: What is ideal Exploit to exploit Pure-FTPd FTP server ?

Here are below the result received after scanning the web application:

* Nmap: 21/tcp open ftp Pure-FTPd

I wonder if anyone know of a great Exploit to operate the FTP server (Pure-FTPd) found above open when scanning with Nmap?

What Exploit can you advise me please who can help me to operate the FTP server (Pure-FTPd) open ???

Thank you to answer me please.

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we need MUCH more info and detail. like:

  • The OS and it's version
  • The version of Pure-FTPd
  • any firewall or IDS configurations you could find
  • and if possible, the language of the Operating system and the hardware it is installed on (yes, some exploits depend on this (but most likely not an Pure-FTPd exploit, but it's still wise to look into it))


Good recon is the key! Find out the version used and search, search, Or heck, even develop your own exploit using Spike &! That's the most fullproof way :)

hello sir
i have a website which have open ports 21,25,26,80,3306,53 ..etc
i used putty and opened the shell
but it requires login..
how can i hack them ????

OR is there a better way to hack this site ..

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