How to Build a Simple CTF Vm: Part 1 Introduction

What Is a CTF?

CTF stands for Capture the flag, basically a challenge where you have to find out vulnerabilities, exploit them, then search for "flags"(Usually text or image files) containing some hints to help in rooting process.

In this series we will build a simple boot-to-root VM running services with known vulnerabilities (You have only to copy some files in the VMware or Virtual Box directory and start the VM so will not require any guest interaction).

Planning the Challenge

Often to solve a problem, i write a tree like this:

So after installing any linux server version(I will use Centos7) on the VM, we have to open port 80,21 and then setup http service(Apache), ftp service (ProFTPD), next install Joomla CMS and set other challenge features.

To be continued!
In the next episode: Opening PORT 80,21 and apache, proftpd setup.

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