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Good evening (at least where I am)
I was wondering when we/I could expect the first Windows 10 Metasploit-Exploits.
If there are already existing ones, I'd be happy to hear about them :D.
Thanks a lot

PS: First post on Null-Byte, greatly appreciate all the work done here!

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As soon as someone makes them. I think that capability of retrieving updates from another Windows 10 PC will be corrupted very soon.

already working on that with 3 friends >:) but we're stuck.


Honestly that feature is cool but it can be exploited. Maybe on a 'home' network only for trusted computers.

you can set up the windows update thing to send updates to the internet aswell. the only thing me and my friends need to figure out now is:

  • where are those updates stored?
  • can we inject shellcode into them?


Maybe the hash of the updates are compared with the hash from microsoft. Doesn't seem like microsoft to be that ignorant about security

you'd not expect Samsung to be this ignorant about their keyboard updates too, right?

big companies are often ignorant, and that is a shame. i expect MS could come up with a hash comparing system, but you never know... it is worth looking into it.


Well to be fair a bunch of windows exploits work on most windows OS because of backwards compatibility

I dont quite understand the point in having mutiple sessions running ? why is that usefull?

Sorry if this is a silly question, but Im new to this.

in case one session gets detected by an AV, you still have access to the system. it is to avoid surprises.


is there any way to hack windows 10 without sending files but just using ip?

Did anybody find any exploit to latest window 10 and android versions oreo ,marsmallow , lolipop ???????????

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