Forum Thread: [NOOB QUESTION] Konboot or DreamPackPL??

I have an old pentium-4 pc justing sitting in the closet , its running Windows XP and I don't remember the password. I know DreamPackPL will help me obtain the password, I want to know if I can use Konboot???

Does Konboot work only on modern windows os like 7, 8.1 and 10??? Is there another alternate tool??? Can someone pls provide me a detailed explanation how these tool manage to exploit windows?? and also are they written in C or assembly??

--Sorry for these blunt questions, I want to learn how these tools are made, how they operate/mechanism so that I improve my knowledge and hopefully write my own exploits soon :)

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How long have you been a programmer and in what language(s)?

I've been programming for 2 years now with C,C++ and python! But have no experience in security oriented programing!
Learning x86 Assembly now......

Does Konboot work for Windows XP???

Well if you say you've been coding for that long, you should at least know where to begin or understand the general gist of how it would work or how you would program one.

Well I have a fair idea about security oriented programming, but still a beginner :/

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